Interested in Sponsoring?

We are so happy you found us, and thank you for your interest in our company!

Because we get hundreds of emails for requests to sponsor, we simply do not have the inventory to give items to each sponsor, and we certainly do not want to be unfair by picking and choosing certain sponsors to receive these items.  We think that everyone should have a fair and equal chance to represent our brand, and to be rewarded for it.  So, we have adopted a new approach to sponsoring.

Here’s how it works:

For anyone that is truly interested in representing our brand, send us an email (or fill out our contact us form) and include all of the following:

  • Subject line “Sponsor Code”
  • Your name and email address
  • Your website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and/or other mode of sponsoring

Once we receive your email, please allow up to one week for us to approve your request (we just want to make sure that your site/page doesn’t have any explicit content or opposing views).  Once we approve your request, we will email you back with two coupon codes.

The first coupon code will be for YOU only, and will give you a discount on your first order.

The second coupon code will give any of your followers 10% off their first order, and will be unique to you only.  For example, if your blog post is called “Bows & Pearls,” you will receive a coupon code along the lines of “bowspearls” for your viewers to use on our site.  When anyone places an order using that coupon code, it will be listed on your account with us.

Every month, your total referred sales will be calculated, and you will be emailed a gift certificate for percentage of all your sales based on your following and performance.

You can advertise this however you would like on your site/page.  Once you receive your code, you may use our photos (as long as they are not altered), post links to our page, post the coupon on your page, etc.


So- YOU can benefit from this by receiving a discount on your first order with us, and then getting FREE gift cards for any amount, that YOU can control!  Sound like something you’re interested in?  Go ahead and send us an email now, and we’ll get you started!



We reserve the right to revoke your coupon code, and request that you take our advertisements off your page if we feel this privilege is being abused in any way.

You (as the sponsor) may use this coupon code on your first order if you wish.  BUT, sales that come from yourself will not be added to your total sales.  We are currently working on a rewards program for this! (Yay!)

This applies to sales of NEW customers only.  Please do not target our current customers as this only applies to first-time orders, and the code will not work for them.

This is a TRIAL approach. We reserve the right to cancel this program at any time without notice (you will be credited with any existing sales in the case that we do).